Non-Conforming Loans


It is not easy securing finance if you do not have a blemish-free credit history, but Econ-Finance is experienced in negotiating solutions for borrowers with atypical credit and employment histories. We deal with several specialist lenders who offer non-conforming loans for borrowers who do not meet mainstream lender’s strict lending criteria.


Some circumstances that preclude applicants from obtaining standard lending products include:

  • An adverse credit history
  • A poor loan repayment history of late repayments
  • A loan default
  • A former bankruptcy status
  • Seasonal or casual work history or
  • Recent self employment in business ‘start up’ phase
  • A tax debt to be paid from a refinance.


Some benefits of non-conforming loans include:

  • Loans can be fully featured
  • An excellent opportunity to repair a poor credit rating
  • Future opportunity to revert or refinance to lower interest rates after certain periods
  • Solution based to keep you financially tracking.


If required, with your permission, we can electronically obtain your latest credit file from a reporting agency like Equifax (formerly Veda) to determine the best lending course of action.