Deposit Bonds

A Deposit Bond guarantee allows a purchaser to meet their deposit commitment to a vendor without having to dip into their hard-earned savings. You simply pay the full purchase price at settlement. Both short and long term Deposit Bonds are offered to suit any settlement terms.


  • We understand timing is critical leading up to an exchange of contracts, so we can electronically arrange a Deposit Bond without delay to substitute all or part of the 10% cash deposit.
  • A Deposit Bond can be arranged for an anticipated auction and if not used on the day can be partially refunded or used on another property purchase.
  • The purchaser must check acceptance with the vendor before proceeding with a Deposit Bond application. Generally speaking, a Deposit Bond acceptance is very common but it is advisable to keep the real estate agent aware of your deposit funding intentions.
  • We now offer a Deposit Bond for a commercial property purchase.